Feb 24, 2017

Jarrell Flowers

  15 minutes

At first glance, you could wonder why God would take someone like Jarrell Flowers and use him to minister to youth through the tool of rap music. But then again, God always seems to use the most unlikely candidate to fulfill His purposes. Born and raised in a home with two godly parents who would later become senior pastors, Jarrell was no stranger to Christianity and the church. However, like so many of those who grow up in and around a religious culture, Jarrell found himself lacking a living and active relationship with God. It wasn’t until a near fatal car accident at 17 years old that he began to seriously consider whether or not his life was truly pleasing to the Lord. It was at this point that the Holy Spirit allowed Jarrell to experience the power of the gospel and freedom in Christ Jesus. Infused with a passion to serve God, Jarrell would later go on to study and become grounded in his Christian walk at Texas Bible Institute.

In the spring of 2010, Jarrell released an EP entitled “The Freedom Project”. Since then he has released a music video to the catchy anthem, “White Rags” , a free mix tape entitled “Johnny’s Ipod”, and has ministered this music to thousands of young people throughout the world during live performances. Jarrell has toured and ministered on radio, television, and places such as: Texas Bible Institute (Pastor Tommy Burchfield), Word of Faith Church (Bishop Keith Butler), Cornerstone Church (Pastor John Hagee), Flavor Fest, The AT&T Center., and Rwanda, Africa. Most important is Jarrell’s commitment to his local community and to the city of San Antonio. He has played an active role by directing fine arts camps, back pack drives, and community outreaches. Jarrell has also created The “Submission 101” video based curriculum, a free resource for his local community and beyond.

Jarrell serves as an Elder at Faith Outreach Center International and oversees the youth, worship, and arts ministries there. He and his wife Jeneil are the proud parents of two beautiful girls, Nyomi and Liviya. He is also the founder and CEO of Freedom Music Group, an independent record label that continually strives to impact today’s culture with a voice of truth.